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D/s Related Groups in Florida


 Florida Statewide Munch Groups
Including Hyperlinks for Websites & Contact Info
(Please note that not all munch groups have a website.)

 1st Saturday of every month:

Clearwater Munch

Orlando Power Exchange/OPEx

Palm Beach Munch

St. Augustine Munch

Submissive Unity Network

Tallahassee SSC Munch

1st Sunday of every month:

Off The Cuff (S.P.I.C.E)

Trident International, Central FL

2nd Tuesday of every month:

Zephyrhills Munch

2nd Thursday of every month:

Sarasota Lunch Bunch

2nd Saturday of every month:

Brevard Munch

Jacksonville Area Power Exchange

South Florida Munch

Panama City Beach Florida Munch

Tampa Munch

St Cloud Munch

2nd Sunday of every month:

Perverted Bookworms

Sarasota Munch

3rd Wednesday of every month:

Lakeland Munch

3rd Friday of every month:

Daytona Florida Munch

Miami Munch

3rd Saturday of every month:

Ft Myers/ SW FL Munch

Hernando/Citrus Nature Coast Munch

St. Augustine Munch

St Lucie Munch

Club FEM-South Florida

Ocala Munch

Key West Munch

4th Saturday of every month:

Gainesville Munch

North Palm Beach Munch

Orlando BDSM Munch

Orlando Singles Munch

4th Sunday of every month:

Before The Cuff

4th or last Sunday of every month:

DSSG/ Dom/ Sub Support Group

Club FEM FL (Fort Walton, FL)

Club FEM FL (Females Enslaving Males - FL): Club FEM consists of couples and individuals who share a philosophy of Female superiority/domination. Although Club FEM Florida is still in its formative stages, Headmistress Amirah is very active in the local scene and working hard to establish another successful branch of Club FEM with the help of Her slave. Visit our website at


JAPE (Jacksonville, FL)

JAPE (Jacksonville Area Power Exchange) a pansexual located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our web site is located at

PALS (Pensacola, FL)

PALS (Panhandle Alternative Lifestyles Association) Panhandle Alternative Lifestyles Society (PALS) is a social organization providing opportunities to understand, learn, and interact with people that are interested in the different aspects of exchanging power within their relationships. This includes, but is not limited to: bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, and fetishism. For information contact

TallySSC (Tallahassee, FL)

Tallahassee Safe, Sane, & Consensual (TallySSC): Want to meet other scene people in Tallahassee? This group meets in a local restaurant, on the first Saturday of each month in a "vanilla," non-threatening environment where friends and future friends gather to break bread together and to share feelings and experiences. Both novices to the lifestyle and seasoned veterans are encouraged to join us. You will find a very welcoming atmosphere that lacks any type of pressure. Just friends getting together for lunch once a month! Contact information - unknown.



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