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D/s Related Groups in Georgia


To add or modify your group in this list, send your information to

Atlanta Bondage Club

PO Box 78551

Atlanta GA 30057


Bar nights at the Atlanta Eagle (306 Ponce de Leon Ave) First Friday of each month at 8PM. Bar night are no cover and do NOT require membership.Bondage class at 9PM, Bondage Demos throughtout the night. Monthly Play Parties move from location to location - Check the web site or join our e-mail list. Require Membership dues (currently $10) and a Play Party Fee (around $10). Must request to be placed on the guest list in advance of the play party or join at one of our bar nights.This may change event to event, but usualy you must arrive between 9 & 10PM Play continues through 3AM. Evening starts with an advanced bondage class - like gentitial bondage or suspension.

Atlanta Lifestyle Group

Atlanta, Ga.


"We meet the second Friday of each month. Our goal is education in the leather, bdsm lifestyle. Our focus is on protocol, etiquette, safety and relationship dynamics pertinent to power exchange relationships. After our educational presentation we have a pansexual play party. We look forward to your participation!

Web Site

Atlanta Corporal Punishment Club

PO Box 14904

Atlanta, GA 30324


-Formed in 1991 this is a men's group, open to men of all sexual orientations and levels of experience in spanking, paddling, flogging, etc. Meetings and events are held two or three times a month.

Atlanta Handballers

e-mail Paul & Gordon:

- an all male non-BD/SM group that hosts demonstrations, instructional sessions and monthly play parties based upon their mutual interest in the act of "fisting." Attendance typically limited to active participants during play portion. e-mail for more information.

Atlanta S/M Solidarity (ASS)

PO Box 8361 Atlanta, GA 30306-0361

404-521-3829 (Voice mail/info line)

-Formed in 1987 by members of Atlanta's gay S&M community. It's main purpose is to educate, and to provide accurate, objective and up-to-date information regarding safe and sane S&M sexual practices among the gay male community. As part of its community outreach efforts, they conduct a series of classes and demonstrations entitled "SM 101." These are free and open to all those interested without regard to sex or sexual orientation. They are held at The Eagle (see location below) on alternating Wednesday evenings.

The annual event for the outreach effort is "Spring in the South," held the last weekend of April.

BiNet Atlanta

- Binet Atlanta's purpose is to bring together the gay, bisexual, and straight communities, work towards eliminating biphobia and prejudice in our communities, and provide a supportive, safe and sane social environment for bisexuals and bi-friendly people. Membership in Binet Atlanta is open to all bisexuals and their supporters. Binet Atlanta does not discriminate on the basis of any defineable category or characteristic. We also cosponsor the Atlanta bi support group, BiNature.

Our web page is located at:

CASE, Intl. (Atlanta, GA)

- Consenting Adult Spanking Enthusiasts, International. We are a group that meets nightly in the IRC Undernet channel known as #So_Spank. We meet on a quarterly, or so, basis for r/l spanking encounters. We are a M/f group, although some members do switch to enjoy both 'ends' of the spanking encounter. Our group started in the South East US, however IRC membership has grown such that we have the right to call ourselves International. People from Spain and Germany hold active memberships.

IF you have any questions about our group, contact the channel manager, Talon, at email address .

Or visit us directly at #So_Spank

Or check out our web page at:

Kinky People Of Georgia

"Diversity NOT Division"

Bob & Michelle, Co-Founders

KPOG invites you to a "gathering of friends".

Restart of monthly dinner/social/play "gathering" nights, as soon as the space is ready.

Check the web page to see updated information for parties at either the new play space or Club Kink.

Knight Angels (Atlanta, GA)

1943 McJenkin Drive, NE

Atlanta, GA 30345-3005-43



Contact: Chair-boy kelly, Treasurer-Master Chris, Secretary-boy david

- A pansexual leather, S/M, D/s organization. Meetings currently held @ The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel.

Bar night is the third friday of each month at The Eagle.

M.A.s.T. (Atlanta, GA)

Masters And slaves Together

-M.A.s.T.: Atlanta is a group of like minded individuals interested in Master/slave relationships. Our purpose is to support those living in or interested in the Master/slave relationship. We meet monthly at 3:00pm at the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel. Meetings are held on the Second Sunday of each month. Visit their web site at:

National Leather Association - Atlanta (NLA Atlanta)

PO Box 78131

Atlanta, GA 30357-8131

Contact: Victoria Gayton, or Nickie Stipe,

-A pan-sexual educational/social resource for men and women interested or participating in S&M. NLA-Atlanta bar nights are the third Saturday, every other month, at the Atlanta Eagle. All are welcome to attend, ask questions and socialize.

Panther L/L (Atlanta, GA)

PO Box 8118

Atlanta, GA 30306

-The gay men and lesbians of Panther L/L, Inc., are all members of the leather subculture and choose to stand together as brothers and sisters. They strive to represent the concept of community and to exemplify fellowship and harmony between the genders. Support of charitable causes is fundamental to Panther L/L., Inc. We support only safe, sane and consensual adult activities. Panther L/L, Inc.'s annual run takes place each November. Bar nights are the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month and are held at the Heretic, starting at 10 PM. Contact information unknown.


Southern Spankers (Southeast)

Fellow Spanking Deviants

If you have not heard, there is a group of Southern Spankers from

several states that are roughly centered around Nashville.

Want to know more? Then jump over to:

The Tribe (Atlanta, GA)

P.O.Box 14625

Atlanta, Ga. 30324


Web Page:

-The Tribe was originally formed in 1996 to serve the Atlanta BDSM community as a source of education, particularly in the realm of heavy/edge play. Monthly classes were held at PEP Atlanta, and The Tribe sponsored a monthly heavy play night at The Sanctuary.

Since that time, there has been a blossoming of educational resources in Atlanta. Because the Atlanta community has been blessed with so many resources, we voted to close our monthly classes in December 2000, and to focus our attention on helping fledgeling communities in the surrounding area. 2001 marks the beginning of our new program of educational outreach to these communities.

Membership in The Tribe is via sponsorship from a current member. Our focus is on education and community service.