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D/s Related Groups in Mississippi


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Club FEM MS (Mississippi Gulf Coast)

Club FEM MS (Females Enslaving Males - MS): Club FEM consists of couples and individuals who share a philosophy of Female superiority/domination. The Mississippi branch was officially established by the Club on April 15, 2000. Visit our website at

Satyr Leather/Levi Association of Mississippi (Jackson, MS)

A group of consenting adults with an interest in some aspect(s) of consensual BDSM. SLLAM does not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origination, or fetish. Contact information - unknown.

Southern Mississippi Association of Roses and Thorns

This group is for those people interested in participating in the alternative lifestyle that includes Dominance & Submission including S & M activities. We are pansexual and committed to being democratic in our procedures for future developments. We expect friendliness in all communications. Mailing list can be found at